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wakingapp ltd
WakingApp is a self-owned company that was founded  in 2012.

Our company develop technologies for creating interactive augmented reality that enables advanced interactivity, multiuser interaction, live data feeds, personalization, social activities, live 3D games and much more.
For the last two years, we have been augmenting the real physical world with unlimited interactive content that includes everything you know of the internet, games and the digital content.

Our technology allows the use of any device, any smart phone, tablet and most of the smart glasses & wearable.
Our AR platform lets anyone create advanced interactive content and augment the reality with any mobile device, Google Glass or other wearable devices.
Join many who use our AR brush and start Augmenting the reality with content by everyone, for everyone.

Our vision
Fill the world with AR digital layers created by millions of users worldwide.

what we do?


Unlimited devices 
and wearables
AR Platform
(Coming soon)
augmented reality


      (C) WakingApp 2012.  All rights reserved. Patent pending Augmented Reality Technologies.
      email: info@wakingapp.com

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