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In case you missed it, WakingApp was recently acquired by Scope AR.
Thank you for being part of the WakingApp family and we look forward to the next chapter with Scope AR!

As a result, WakingApp will be retiring AR Studio as of 2/15/20. After this date, the product will no longer be active.

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Rapid Content Creation

You don’t have to spend thousands of
dollars for state-of-the-art AR experiences.
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Visual Scripting

Simply drag and drop pre-existing commands to make your AR creations
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Easy Integration With Existing Apps

Our SDK makes mobile app integration smooth sailing
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Use cases



Inspire curiosity in students and deepens their understanding of technology
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Manufacturing and

Do away with cumbersome and inefficient technical training manuals
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No need for expensive and cumbersome
models when you can visualize projects
directly from their blueprints.
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CAD Technician
Dinos Ipiotis
MLM Group

"Here at the MLM group, we've used WakingApp's AR studio to help visualize projects while they are still in the blueprint stage. This helps to save costs and get a better insight into how the final project will look, long before costly investments are made."

Senior Director Software Partner Development
Jim Quanci

Autodesk is excited to see WakingApp deliver our customers AR experiences in just one click. Combining WakingApp’s AR studio software with Autodesk app lets millions of CAD users experience their AR designs in real time.

Director of Interactive Media
Nick Grobe
Trekk Media

WakingApp Studio makes it super easy for brands to augment new or existing content. From richness and variety of media, to an easy and powerful visual scripting interface, to critical tracking and stability, the other AR platforms out there don’t even compare. Incorporating existing media elements into the environment and recreating all necessary functionality is a seamless process – and it takes MUCH less time.


WakingApp AR Studio has expanded beyond content creation,
the possibilities are endless
AR added to Power Bi
3D designs transformed into AR
Industrial training database turned
AR experience
Equipment functions explained
through AR
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