WakingApp AR Studio is the brainchild of our star developers,
designers and out-of-the-box thinkers at.

We’ve been hard at work since 2013, developing innovative
augmented reality (AR) technologies.

Our Team

Passionate about augmented reality, our
founders were fed up with the time-consuming,
costly solutions available that require
dependence on programmers and third-party licenses.

With WakingApp’s groundbreaking technology, you
can finally realize your AR dreams quickly,
independently, and at an affordable price.



Joseph is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience, including 17 years as a CEO. He has been deeply involved in the ad tech industry since its inception. In addition, he has significant experience in the entertainment and licensing industry, with product and character launches of Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, among others. Josef has forged relationships with leading technology and retail companies as well as major consumer brands and entertainment companies throughout his career; including Apple, AOL, Verizon, Vodafone, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Walmart,Target, Disney and Nickelodeon.


Matan Libis

Matan Libis, has had his steady hands at the helm of WakingApp since 2017. He is responsible for the product vision, road map and its execution. He also directly manages the R&D team, is heavily involved in the marketing strategy. He has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, and leading product cycles. He was one of the founders and COO of Spitball.



Asher is a CPA with extensive financial management, reporting, and process improvement experience. He has worked with private and public companies of different sizes and industries and at different stages of development.  Asher’s experience includes public offerings, private placements, corporate structuring, and ERP implementation, and in a previous position he was the CFO of a start-up that was sold to a Fortune 200 company.

CTO, Co. Founder

Adiel Gur

Adiel is a veteran in the AR field and leads the computer vision learning in the office. He is also responsible to research new technologies and our R&D team rely on his invaluable development assistance. Has spent most of the last decade working on augmented reality and 3D applications from a technological point

VP Sales


Norm has a proven track record of 25 -years of achievement and demonstrated success driving multi million-dollar revenue grow. He is a former senior executive at Implisit Ltd. (acquired by Salesforce.com), PANAYA Inc. (acquired by Infosys) and WalkMe Ltd. Norm hails from Toronto, Canada and obviously is also a huge hockey fan!


Aryeh Brickner

Aryeh brings a rich history of marketing experience with him to WakingApp, involving various VP marketing roles in both private and public companies. He has worked in the online casino industry and most recently headed up the consumer marketing division for Perion Inc.

Full Stack Developer, Co. Founder

Haim Maik

Haim initially was responsible for the development of the logic engine and viewers for the earlier product versions. Haim looks after our Google Play and iTunes connect accounts. Most recently he has taken over the development of our web systems including online payment processing and internal and customer facing dashboards and admin panels. Haim also built and manages our database (mysql) and wrote the server logic.

Lead Software Engineer

Asaf Sitner

Asaf is currently working as C++/Qt developer on WakingApp’s AR Studio desktop application. His responsibilities include the design and implementation of the application's GUI (including asset creation with Photoshop) and asset management. As well as the design and implementation of the Visual Scripting engine and GUI (including graph editor and compiler). Asaf also worked as Unity3D developer on the earlier version with direct responsibility for the design and implementation of systems (physics,logic), maintenance and development of the desktop application GUI and re-design and implementation of the desktop application's core systems from scratch (logic, scene, events, asset management, GUI)

Graphics Programmer

Dror Zach

As a Graphics Programmer, Dror is responsible for refactoring the 3D engine and creating all of the current product’s (WakingApp AR Studio) 3D features. Dror developed the main modules of WakingApp AR Studio which included the 3D engine integration, rewriting the 3D engine PBR shaders,model/material loading, undo/redo system and save/load system. His work included creating plugins for third party CAD software such as 3Dmax and Fusion 360. He has been very instrumental in the research and implementation of image tracking. The viewer apps (Android & iOS) were also created by Dror.

QA Engineer

Alon Gani

Alon heads the QA department, responsible for the review of all product releases and updates. He also heads up our customer support department handling all incoming customer support inquiries from both customers and prospects. Another one of his important roles in the organization is as a sales engineer. In this role, Alon provides customer demos, including both on-site and remote presentations.His knowledge in 3D applications has proven to be most beneficial as he performs his many responsibilities. He’s also our resident in-house photoshop expert!

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