WakingApp AR Studio - Turn your AR Dreams into Reality

It’s time to kick your AR creations up a notch. With WakingApp Studio, the professional augmented reality platform, developers and designers have the power to rapidly produce outstanding AR experiences as stand-alone apps or integrated into existing mobile apps. Update on the fly and control where you host.

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What’s so great about
WakingApp AR Studio?

WakingApp's revolutionary Augmented Reality (AR) Studio is designed to enable professionals create augmented reality experiences

Rapid Content Creation
Produce quality content in record time
Simple Integration with Existing Apps
Add AR experiences to existing mobile apps, with our viewer SDK
On-the-fly updates
Update your content immediately, without submitting a new app
Multiple AR solutions
Choose the technology that suits your needs: SLAM AR, QR Tracking or Image Target AR
Use JS library for advanced scripting capabilities
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White Label Solution

Create your own stand-alone branded app

Augmented reality car design

PBR industry standard visuals

state-of-the-art mobile-optimized rendering engine

Visual Studio Code Integration

Code completion and documentation for WakingApp's Studio Javascript API

Visual Behavior Scripting
Script code-free, with pre-defined CTA commands
On premise & cloud hosting as part of our service
or anywhere you want!
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