AR added to Power BI

How Microsoft Improved User Experience and Reduced Costs by Adding WakingApp’s Augmented Reality (AR) Layer to Power BI

Microsoft Power BI – a cloud based business analytics service – is making a huge impact in the world, allowing organizations to visualize and analyze data faster and more efficiently by providing a 360 degree view of their operations in one dashboard.
Using a QR Code, Power BI Customers Can Now Showcase Unique Visual AR Content on Any Surface – from Desks to Airplane Walls.
After careful consideration of potential technology partners, Microsoft selected WakingApp’s AR technology to expand the reach of its data visualization.
By scanning a QR code, Microsoft customers can now view the data on any surface – from their desk to a bottle of water to the walls of an airplane.
Wherever a QR code is inserted, the customer can now scan it, and the visual AR content will surface right above the code.
WakingApp is the only company that enables organization to do that – to present unique, specific graphs wherever they please – so Microsoft customers can expand beyond traditional visuals on traditional screens.

Microsoft Dramatically Improved Customer Experience While Saving Big Time on Company Resources

In integrating this technology, Microsoft provides higher quality customer experience, which gives it an advantage in the competitive data visualization market. Instead of every team member using a computer or mobile screen to analyze graphs, now they can do it anywhere.

WakingApp’sc  AR added to Power BI
Microsoft Power BI service
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