3D designs transformed into AR

WakingApp, the leading universal AR/VR software company, recently released innovative add-ins that allow Autodesk Revit and Fusion 360 users to transform their 3D designs into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences instantly and without any AR/VR programming experience.

Here’s why:

Autodesk is the largest Computer Aided Design (CAD) company in the world, and one of only two leading multinational design companies that make software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries.

Augmented and Virtual reality technologies have gripped Autodesk’s attention in recent years. The company recognizes their potential to enable users to explore the CAD world and will be the first to embrace AR and VR for business purposes.

What AR and VR bring to 3D designs:

With VR technology, engineers can step into their designs and receive a more ‘real’ and tangible experience of their creations.

Architectural designers have embraced the incredible benefits that come with this level of interaction, which include the ability to spot mistakes before they are constructed. A perhaps even more useful benefit is the ability to let clients walk around and experience for themselves the designed space that they have invested in.

Product designers also gain a huge advantage from this technology, which lets them get a sense of not only what their product looks like in three dimensions, but also how it will perform in a real-world setting.
Even better: they get to learn from these experiences without having to produce a series of expensive prototypes.

Autodesk and WakingApp decided to partner and issue Add-ins for Autodesk’s leading software:

Revit, Fusion360, and 3DSMax.

WakingApp launched new Add-ins at the annual AU2016 conference held in Las Vegas in November 2016, and Autodesk supported WakingApp’s launch with mutual PR, such as this Fusion360 Blog post, and social media posting around the launch.

Since the launch, the Add-ins have had enormous success with thousands of weekly downloads, making them #1 in the Autodesk App store already.

Although Autodesk was the first to identify the AR and VR potential, their success has led other CAD company giants to embrace WakingApp’s breakthrough technologies.

More announcements on those developments to come.

3D designs transformed into AR
Autodesk users transform their 3D designs into augmented reality
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