Industrial training database turned AR experience

What if the Training Manuals You Worked So Hard to Create Could Simply Appear at the Right Time on the Exact Product Part They Describe… with a Click of a Button?

Companies invest a lot of time and money creating thorough, cutting edge training programs. Then, with thousands or tens of thousands of employees, every hour of training they’ll go through significantly
adds to the cost. There’s no room for mistakes.
Yet countless mistakes happen all the time. Developing a seemingly endless number of training guides for every part of your product, combined with employees’ humanity, pretty much guarantees expensive errors that will create a bigger hole in companies’ bottom lines at best, and jeopardize lives at worst.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

A Drag & Drop, End to End Solution that Integrates with Your Industrial Training Database and Seamlessly Turns it Into an Augmented Reality Experience

Imagine what would happen if employees could scan a wheel in a car or an airplane they were constructing, or scan an electrical cabinet at the client’s site, and immediately see visual AR instructions on top of it, to make it accurately clear what she or he needs to do next.
With WakingApp, that’s exactly what your employees can do.
Our end to end solution also integrates with companies’ existing, cloud-based training materials, and turns them into AR content. The training leadership team doesn’t need to do anything to make it happen. WakingApp does it , and it can also be done automatically.

Finally, Get Employees so Engaged in Training, They’ll Study Faster and More Accurately, Improve the Company’s Bottom Line and Save Lives

Augmented reality helps companies create a more fun training experience that engages employees and makes it easier for them to pay attention.
But with WakingApp, that doesn’t stop at the training center.
By scanning a product part and getting the specific instructions to appear in AR on top of it, employees are able to work faster and make less mistakes – no matter how many times the company upgrades or revises product requirements – which ultimately means companies save on employee hours, avoid expensive mistakes, and make their products safer for the end customers.

Ready to see this kind of impact on your industrial training center?
Contact us today to seamlessly integrate augmented reality into your existing training materials.
Siemens AR experience training manuals
Siemens AR experience training manuals
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